Maisie Williams in I AND YOU to Screen on Instagram

The Hampstead Theatre production of I AND YOU, that stars Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams, is to be screened on Instagram.

Lauren Gunderson’s I AND YOU had its UK premiere at Hampstead last month in a new production directed by Edward Hall, starring Maisie Williams and recent graduate Zach Wyatt. The sold out run continues until 24th November on the main stage.

The play will be screened on Instagram’s IGTV service. This version has been specifically performed, recorded and enhanced to watch on a mobile. Viewers can watch the play over a 72 hour period from 6pm 30th November until 6pm 3rd December.

I AND YOU will be available to stream by users following @hampstead_theatre @maisie_williams @zachwwyatt or @lalatellsastory. The play will be available to view on their IGTV channels.

Playwright Lauren Gunderson says: ‘I’m truly overjoyed that this definitive production of my play I AND YOU will be shown for free on Instagram. The more theatre we can offer people the better, and this is such a fresh and easy way to give millions of people a unique theatre experience. I AND YOU isn’t just a teenage story, it’s a human story and I’m thrilled that people all across the world will have access to theatre in such an innovative way, completely free of charge. I myself will be watching from home in San Francisco with my kids and cat, and cannot wait to share Maisie Williams and Zach Wyatt’s incredible performances up close with the world. I hope people enjoy this opportunity to see two brilliant young actors knocking these roles out of the park in a play that means so much to me’.

I AND YOU is a witty and uplifting portrayal of friendship, youth and living life to the full, and won the coveted American Theatre Critics Association’s New Play Award.

Housebound because of illness, Caroline hasn’t been to school in months. Confined to her room, she has only Facebook for company. That is until classmate Anthony bursts in – uninvited and armed with waffle fries, a scruffy copy of Walt Whitman’s poetry and a school project due in the next day… Caroline is unimpressed all round.

But an unlikely friendship develops and a seemingly mundane piece of homework starts to reveal the pair’s hopes and dreams – as well as a deep and mysterious bond that connects them even further.

I AND YOU runs at Hampstead to 24th November and then streams on IGTV from 30th November to 3rd December.

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