Historical song cycle Well-Behaved Women to be performed at Cadogan Hall

Broadway song cycle Well-Behaved Women is to be performed in a new concert-version at London’s Cadogan Hill on 3rd September.

Written by Carmel Dean, the song cycle, first performed in New York last year, makes it UK premiere. Featuring iconic women throughout history (think Boudica, Cleopatra and Mary Magdalene), the musical explores the behaviours and attitudes of leading ladies throughout history that have changed the world today.

The concert is directed by Julie Atherton, and features an all-star West End line-up featuring: Maisey Bawden as Lady Liberty, Anna-Jane Casey as Billie Jean King and Janet Armstrong, Janie Dee as Eleanor Roosevelt, Nicole Raquel Dennis as Eve, Hiba Elchikhe as Cleopatra and Malala Yousafzai, Kerry Ellis as Boudicca, Gabriela García as Frida Kahlo, Cassidy Jansen as Virginia Woolf, Rachel John as Maya Angelou, Linda John-Pierre as Harriet Tubman and Rachael Wooding as Mary Magdalene.

Billed as “a wonderful ode to the fierce famous females from history, with their stories of courage, strength and resilience memorialised through a range of musical styles from rock and jazz to country.” The conecrt is produced by Lambert Jackson Productions.

Producers Jamie Lambert and Eliza Jackson said: “To be able to celebrate and commemorate those who have fought the fight for equality in all forms before us, in such a fun and moving way, is an honour, and to have gathered this incredible group of women in one performance shows the passion and dedication that all involved possess for this incredibly important topic. Inspired by the emergence of the #MeToo movement, these stories of courage, strength and resilience are memorialised through music in the most special of ways.”

Well-Behaved Women plays at Cadogan Hall on 3rd September.

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